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Watch Chase N Pacman
Imagine if Pacman was your room mate? In Chase 'n' Pacman you get to see the difficulties of living with Pacman.

Watch Chase N Pacman 2
Imagine if Pacman was your room mate? In this Chase 'n' Pacman sequel Pacman tries to get a friend of his to move in.

Watch Pacman The Movie
If Hollywood made an action movie based on Pacman then this is what the trailer would look like. This action packed Pacman movie trailer has lots of cool scenes.

Watch Pac-Manic
Count Vile must rid his lair of a ravenous yellow creature named Pacman lurking deep within the catacombs, he summons four ghosts to do the job.

Watch The Legend of Pacman
The Legend Of Pacman is actually totally destroyed in this movie when we see him leave the maze for a special reason.

Watch Pac-Manifold
Count Vile's old nemesis is back. And this time, he's brought the family! Pacman and Ms Pacman have started reproducing.

Watch Pacman 3D
Pacman 3D is a cool animation of a typical pacman game in 3D.

Watch Pacman Eats Hot Sauce
Pacman finds some hot sauce in his maze and decides to eat it. He learns a valuable lesson - if you eat hot sauce, fire will come out of your ass.

Watch Pacman Wins
In the average game of Pacman the ghosts usually win in the end but in this movie we see Pacman win in his own special way.

Watch Pacman: Where are the Ghosts?
Pacman is doing his usual pill munching routine one day but he notices the ghosts are missing, what could they be up to?

Watch Pacman Goes For Madness
Pacman Goes For Madness shows Pacman dealing with the ghosts in the action style of the Madness flash game series.

Watch Pacman Enmity
What does it really feel like to eat so many big white flashing pills? Pacman: Enmity is the story of those very psychedelic pills.

Watch Pac Attack
Pacman goes hardcore and unleashes some crazy whoop-ass on those Ghosts. Pac Attack means business!

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