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Ms. Pacman is a popular arcade game released by Midway in 1981. This sequel to Pac-Man differs from its predecessor on the fact that it has different screens and a female character. It was also one of the more successful of early arcade games as its sales record is still unmatched.

The gameplay of Ms. Pac-Man is largely identical to that of Pac-Man, with a few differences.
  • Ms. Pac-Man moves about the maze significantly faster than the original Pac-Man.
  • There are now four different mazes, with different colors and "filled-in" walls (compared with the original Pac-Man's hollow walls). Each maze has two pairs of "warp tunnels" connecting the right and left sides of the maze (except for the third maze which only has one set of tunnels). The maze is changed after each of the first three intermissions.
  • The ghosts have pseudo-random movement, which precludes the use of patterns to beat each board.
  • The two "fruits" on each level now enter through one of the warp tunnels, wander around the maze for a while making a "thump-thump" noise, then (if not eaten) eventually leave through a warp tunnel.
  • Clyde is replaced by another orange ghost named Sue, who was later turned purple in Pac-Land to differentiate her from Clyde.

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Pacman remains one of the most popular arcade games ever! At you can play online versions of Pacman.

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